Saturday, June 28, 2014

one two three many...

in which our plucky heroine continues in her self indulgence....

Remember the Anglo Saxon enamel brooches I have been so obsessed with? Well this week I made a few sketches of some of the various designs... these are all 17mm diameter, (slightly smaller than a dime), which is the average size of the enamel discs in the finds... and chose nine to begin with...

Here they are are about halfway through the enameling process. I have been doing my best to match the enamel colors to the colors shown or described in the archaeological data...

Later in the week... some very tiny Anglo Saxon inspired enamels; well over twenty hours somewhere between 20 and 30 hours in to the project. The next step is to make appropriate settings for the finished enamels, so they can be worn as brooches.
I have been putting together a notebook of documentation, and still need to transcribe the useful data from the Portable Antiquities web pages into a format that will refer to the archaeological images and allow me to have data ready to hand... this is the first time I have started collecting documentation in such a structured way, and I can see how useful it will be in the future.

Hmmm I made nine tiny enamels this week, that puts me either really ahead on my "things made" column, or if I count them as one thing then I still have only three more items needed to complete that column for June.  The other columns are somewhat more challenging to complete in the remaining five days. Still, it looks very promising this close to halfway through the year.
June SMART goal challenge
1 thread-winders SR silver chain  backyard yardwaste
2 red rose
heart pendant
backyard meadow
bag to paper recycling
3 red rose earrings half craftwall
bag to paper recycling
4 2nd sports bra sleeve bands
on green gown
bag to paper recycling
5 duvet cover SPQR pendant
metal scrap to recycling
6 embroidered
red horses
bag to Goodwill
7 nine tiny enamels workbench
bag to Goodwill
8 * SR brooch setting paper recycling
9 * * bag to Goodwill
10 * * bag to Goodwill
11 ---------- * bag to paper recycling
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- * *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *
18 ---------- ---------- *

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  1. Wow!! So teeny and so beautiful! I am very impressed!!