Sunday, June 22, 2014


in which our plucky heroine is both exhausted and chuffed by progress...

Today there was time for another four hour session with K,(like the time we spent a few weeks ago) and not only is the entire back wall of the studio now organised, but I have some idea for how to continue progress in making this space functional. There are spaces left vacant, so that as the supplies and equipment that need to live here either are found or acquired, there will be room for them to get folded in to the plan.

...and... this is my workbench! I haven't seen it this clean since I moved here!!

The current plan is to set whatever tools/supplies I find myself needing to use in the next two weeks on the shelf directly behind the workbench, so that we can get a better idea of what is used in this particular space and therefor how best to store it... much better than stockpiling random tools and supplies in prime access areas. As I have a fair amount of work that needs to happen in that time, it should be really enlightening...

My hope is that with another few several half-days (as we can find time to schedule them) the entire workroom will be at this level of functionality. There are some areas that need infrastructure that isn't yet in place, some rather a lot of small shallow drawers would be very helpful, and yes, more task lighting (actually all round the house could use more lighting). I looked at the cute little kitchen cart from Ikea, but sadly it is just about two inches too tall to fit in the space where it would be ideal to have such a thing.

I am looking forward to continuing to find beloved missing things by decluttering/sorting, and really excited about how much this will help my plans to teach more workshops!

June SMART goal challenge
1 thread-winders SR silver chain  backyard yardwaste
2 red rose
heart pendant
backyard meadow
bag to paper recycling
3 red rose earrings half craftwall
bag to paper recycling
4 2nd sports bra sleeve bands
on green gown
bag to paper recycling
5 duvet cover SPQR pendant
metal scrap to recycling
6 embroidered
red horses
bag to Goodwill
7 * workbench
bag to Goodwill
8 * * paper recycling
9 * * bag to Goodwill
10 ---------- * bag to Goodwill
11 ---------- * bag to paper recycling
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- * *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *
18 ---------- ---------- *


  1. The work room looks absolutely fabulous. Well done to the two of you for making such a great job of it all.

    1. Thanks Ruthie... my longrange goal is to get my entire house to a comparable state... the amount of difference even these two areas being organised has made is astounding!