Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday treats both large and small

Despite, or rather perhaps as a consequence of, coming rather unstuck in the sleep/wake cycle, our plucky heroine does seem to be finally escaping from the headache zone, with resulting improvement in functionality...

on awakening this morning, found on my doorstep a mysterious parcel... which when turned over and opened, contained this most gorgeous of yarns (Blue Moon Twisted in Haida colorway) last seen in analog life almost three years ago!

Like a child with a favorite softy, I am hugging it right now! Eight ounces of subtle darks and blues, in merino, but plied, which tempers softness with durability; now comes the fun of deciding just what project will be right to show off the beautiful coloring... thank you so very much Southward Jen for your kindhearted and warming generosity!


It is my hope that my cardinals, sent out to the ornament exchange cohort, will be received with some echo of that delight... The bird ornaments are not that difficult to make, being a variant on the felted knit birds I have made in previous years, so I thought to share a few details of construction, should anyone be inspired to make some of their own... First off is heading for the internet, or a good field guide, to look at pictures of your chosen quarry.
A simple sketched silhouette can make a pattern, and the various parts cut up from different colors of felt. I used wool felt, and first washed and dried the rectangle to thicken and full it a bit more, before cutting out the bird components
The smaller pieces are stitched in place, then the wings, and finally the body is sewn together and a loop for hanging is attached...

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  1. Aw, so sweet! How kind of your friend to send you your longed-for wool. :)