Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday snippets - eightfold wheel, living history video, and Frenchie revisited...

in which our plucky heroine begins to think both about the year passing and the year coming up...

For 2014 my goal is to believe enough that I will make it through another year that having goals is possible... and with that belief, make progress on the aspects of my life that are the most out of balance. Somewhere in blogland I read that the eightfold aspects that are the spokes of our lives are: career, health, personal development/education, family and friends, household/environment, romance and personal relationships, finances, and fun and recreation.

This makes a lot of sense to me, and if looked at through that filter my current life is serious unbalanced and dysfunctional. I need to make progress in 2014 on improving basically everything about my life (except my relationships with family and friends, which is excellent); there are areas which I understand the needed direction and steps, being held back only by my own fears, and there are areas where I have no idea how or even what would make the situation better... Well, needs must take what steps seem apparent, and trust that in time the muddy water will settle and clear

#1 career - active teaching - first step: write up proposals

#2 health - recover former condition - first step: a month without grain or sugar

#3 personal development/education - new workshop and stitchery skills - first steps: workshop: ? -  stitchery: papertape dress form and Craftsy classes on fitting

#4 family and friends - keep on with doing well

#5 household/environment - create beauty and order - first step: daily dozen decluttering

#6 romance and personal relationships - find local companion(s) - first step: ?

#7 finances - double income - first step: do the math

#8  fun and recreation - increase SCA participation - first step: attend events

Whilst up in OlyWa, we watched an episode from the new BBC series "Tudor Monastery Farm" which was just the sort of thing our plucky heroine really enjoys, rather like a live action video of Lost Country Life, with just enough plot to hold it all together, and lots and lots of description of daily life.... Apparently there are several other series, and Elfreda suggested that I might also enjoy the "Tales from the Green Valley" series, set a little bit later in time, but equally engaging...

Back earlier in December I made a custom pet portrait/potpourri holder/ornament, and was just today sent pictures of the actual dog face to face with his portrait:

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