Tuesday, December 31, 2013

rising 60 - quantification

As 2014 shall see our plucky heroine rising sixty, it occurred to me that would be a good matrix to hang change upon, and also a way to hold self to noting progress and scheduling time for needful activities. While there are a lot of aspects of life I've no idea how to shift, these three are ones already within my skillset, and like any other part in need of strengthening, repetition should make a difference...

60 projects made
a combination of needful clothing sewing and increased studio metalwork/enameling; I need some new everyday clothing to replace worn/threadbare garments, and I need a coat and a jacket. By also focusing on my creative work, new income opportunities will become possible.

60 hours of home refurbishment
there's already fair amount of useful supplies for some needed projects around the homeplace, now to focus on doing the work, asking for help where required, and figuring out how to repair and create better infrastructure.

60 grocery sacks decluttered
I've no idea if this is far more or far less than is needed. I function better in an orderly environment where the supplies and tools are ready to hand, so creating that kind of environment is a priority for 2014

This might be enough. This does feel doable, in that I am looking at maybe an hour or two out of every day, to make these goals a reality.  And so it begins...


  1. Those sound like great goals! I've found that breaking my goals down into reasonable steps and keeping good track (I use a google doc and spreadhseet that are always open in my browser) helps a lot. My decluttering goal is to discard 3500 items for the year, or about 70 per week. Of course, the faster I can get through that, the better. ;) Wishing you the best of luck in pursuing your goals and hoping they make a wonderful difference to your life and environment.

  2. Looks like you have some great projects/goals for the New Year - I look forward to reading about them!

  3. My intention is to chart my progress one step at a time, and to write each week about what I have accomplished. I want a much bigger list in both numbers and quality than 2013

  4. What excellent and well-synchronized plans!