Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday snippets

in a patch of random sunlight, out in front of the porch, the clerodendrum "fruits" are looking pretty ripe. Might have to pick them to freeze, to try dyeing with the "other blue" sometime later in the year...

The tree seems to be native to Japan, and there is a rumor that the red calyxes can also be used as dyestuff."The lyf so short, the art so long to lerne"  There are more things to learn and try and do than there are days in a lifetime. How can anyone ever be bored, our plucky heroine wonders... between waking life and the dreamlands, there is never a lack of wonders...

turn towards the south, and there was this amazing web caught in the light, just off the side of the house...

and so... I was inspired to finish a project I started several years ago, a seasonal decoration for the time of falling leaves, pumpkins, and spiderwebs everywhere... I had originally glued together some round wooden bits, and realised that a bit of black paint, and some pipe cleaners, were a lot easier than my original plan involving beads and drilling holes and lots of articulated wire... (good thing the housey-spiders are not this big)

some iron wire, an old embroidery hoop, and a doily that was a longago gift from the mother of a friend, combined with a little krafty-silliness to add a bit of seasonal whimsey to the front door of Acorn Cottage

My old friend Charlotte posted a link to Fire Water Earth & Air, a song by Julie Felix, who I'd not thought about in decades... the river flows and we lose sight of our former delight, which continues both in memory and along in time... Julie Felix is still alive, and at age 75 is still performing. This is what she looked and sounded like back in the days when we were all young:

and a more recent performance:


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