Friday, October 25, 2013

little red dress

...our plucky heroine is tired of wearing SCA clothing for Halloween, so shall make a new costume all in the next week... the fun red dress and cat-face apron that Bee wears at the beginning of Bee and Puppycat:
It should be fairly simple to adapt my standard dress pattern for the dress, as all that will be needed is to make the dress knee length, and the sleeves shorter and puffed, add a white peter pan collar and buttons, and a frill for the bottom of the sleeves. The animated image looks like the frill is a flounce and not a ruffle; flounces are prettier, I suspect that ruffles are quicker and use less fabric. Then I need to make the apron... Fortunately I have fabric paints in suitable colors for the catface, which can be simply stencilled onto the apron bib, and then there is all that frill/ruffle/flounce to do there as well... Alas, I don't have any little white boots, so shall have to make do with my regular boring footwear.

I have been thinking about making some faux ice cubes to carry around in a baggie, y'know "here's some stuff for your stuff"... I think that gelatin would break down at room temperature, but maybe agar agar would work? Do they sell agar at asian grocery stores?


  1. I can't wait to see your outfit!!!!

  2. there will be pictures, I promise...

  3. Sounds very cute! Re: 'ice cubes' - not sure where you get them on short notice, but some places sell reusable ice cubes that look like ice cubes. You leave them in the freezer, and then use in a drink that you don't want diluted with water. Maybe I'll look on the internet.....ahhhh, the internet...!