Thursday, October 31, 2013

fun with algebra

The rules have been announced for the next iteration of Sewing With A Plan, commonly called SWAP. This year looks to be most flexible, and for a change our plucky heroine will not need to get creative with bending the rules to suit my own peculiar personal style...

it is what I and several others refer to as the
Algebra SWAP 2014 = 3X + 2☆
X = 2t + b = t + T + B = t + d + b
t=top, b= bottom, T=overlayer, d=dress, ☆=wildcard

My revised plan now looks like this:
  • brown set: brown brushed twill overall pinafore, brown/cream mushroom print blouse, indigo dress
  • grey set: grey corduroy pinafore, grey asian print blouse, grey/black/indigo stripe dress
  • black set: black denim overall pinafore, black/cream microstripe hemp knit top, black denim jacket
  • wildcard: black raincoat
  • wildcard: black/cream pindot wool pinafore

For the official rules in more detail, look here (the site is currently in transition to a new "cloud service, or something etherial like that, so it may or may not be easy to access) SWAP sewing will take place between Boxing Day and the end of April. We are allowed a potential total of three garments not sewn in that time span:
One garment may be previously sewn; another may be purchased.  If you have an item you're working on now, you may include it, OR you may stitch up one item from scratch before the official sewing date of December 26.
I will be including my black denim overall pinafore as a previously sewn garment.

As combining SWAP and 6PAC last year worked so very well, and most all of those garments are in ongoing everyday rotation throughout the year, my intention is to do the selfsame thing again. The suggested assortment is:

winter 6PAC
1 - warm topper! coat, thick jacket, heavy sweater, something for cool temperatures - ideally a dark neutral
2 - lighter topper - cardigan, shirt - a colour
3 - a top to wear under the toppers - in a light or dark neutral
4 - another top to wear under the toppers - in the colour or toning shade of the colour
5 - a pair of trousers, dark neutral
6 - another bottom, dark neutral

and my iteration, at least for now, looks like this:
  • black denim jacket
  • indigo dress
  • black/cream microstripe hemp knit top
  • brown/cream mushroom print blouse
  • grey corduroy pinafore
  • brown brushed twill overall pinafore


  1. So exciting! I love your idea of "sets" - it's going to be a really beautiful wardrobe! I am still plotting and planning. . .

    1. well, I saw that you were thinking of a "Tilton sisters" collection, that would be quite stunning, and I would really enjoy seeing what you would do with that idea...