Saturday, November 2, 2013

just for fun

A week ago, our plucky heroine decided that a new costume would be more fun to wear than simply putting on some of my SCA clothing as fancy dress... Being rather enamored currently with Bee and Puppycat, my choice was obvious, though I was quite surprised that no one recognised me at the party tonight!

The dress and the apron were made from a red duvet cover for the dress and a white sheet for the apron (I love Ikea). I learned several new skills as part of this project, at least some of which will be of future use to me:
  • using serger to gather fabric
  • machine applique with fusible web and zigzag stitching
  • drafting a peter pan collar, and applying it with binding
  • drafting puffy sleeves

Neither of my machines has a ruffler... somehow I am just not usually a ruffles and flounces sort of gal, despite my peculiar insistence on wearing dresses and pinafores. The outer edges of the white twill sheet (which are already hemmed) were in very good shape, which was helpful in making the apron and sleeve frills. As suggested by Elizabeth of Karlstad aka The Fabulous Dr E, my serger can do more than finish seams, it can be set to gather fabric! The online tutorial she suggested had more useful information than the manual that came with my serger. (Robust Ruffles vs Feeble Frills) Fortunately I am fearless about turning the dials and switches... Rather than handpaint or stencil the cat face I chose to just fuse on suitable fabric and machine stitch around the edges, and the nose/mouth is just hand drawn on with Sharpie marker.

These will remain as costume pieces, as neither is practical or coordinates with my everyday wardrobe! Work aprons need to be made of sturdier stuff, and have functional multi-pockets... (the wee cat paw pockets are actually stitched closed at the top, since otherwise the ruffley bits kept trying to flop down, gravity doesn't work quite the same way in cartoon-world)  I just can't see myself running round town in ruffles and huge puffy sleeves, though here in Portland it would definitely not be the oddest outfit on the bus.


  1. I was going to propose that you try to lure a Puppycat to add to your outfit, but I just rewatched the cartoon - I think it's just possible that Puppycat could be more trouble and chaos-making than would be good for you!

  2. I might consider making a plush Puppycat, as an additional prop for the costume, if I end up wearing it more often in the future. But yes, indeed, adding additional chaos to life is not ever in my plans