Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday snippets which our plucky heroine is all too absent-minded...

Alas, yet again, whilst out doing errands, my dear rainhat ended up being left behind somewhere. Sigh. It was turning into a sunny-ish day and I took it off. And probably left it sitting on the seat next to me on MAX, whilst engrossed in talking sewing with an elderly woman in the next row. I've not had much luck with lost hats, they pretty much do not get turned in to lost and found, so I can only hope that whoever finds it needs it... I can make another one, but it means spending more money on Gore-tex, and hours to travel over to the industrial zone to get some... Sigh.

This weekend is all about working on some new orders, need to be done and sent out before Christmas. Having a bit of work come in is very welcome, both for the income, and for the chance to get back to enameling for the first time in a while...

An Tir checky is always a challenge. This is how it looks when I start. Remember that the backing metal here is only about 3/4" across. Enamel is very finely ground glass, like beach sand, but smaller.
After a lot of time pushing the tiny enamel grains around with a 10/0 brush (very tiny) the first layer is ready for the kiln. There will be at least four layers or more before it is ready for adding the heraldic details... tune in tomorrow kids, for more pictures


  1. That looks to be the beginning of something quite spectacular. I'm amazed at the things you can weave, mold and craft.

  2. My deep sympathies on the escape of your rain hat. Over my lifetime I have had more hats escape from me than I can count. The pink wool beret. The expensive-to-acquire Gore-Tex absolutely perfect rain hat. The black wool cloche that I had one of my vintage brooches pinned onto, the one with aqua-colored glass stones. And many many others. You're right, they do not come back. They join up somewhere and fit themselves in the comfy hat boxes. . . I fear wearing my wonderful black hat with feathers b/c I know it's planning to escape.

    Cannot wait for the next installment on the enameling project!