Wednesday, November 28, 2012

pom pom progress

...I have added a band of the jacquard trim around the brim of my pompom hat, and am edging it with some indigo/grey ikat bias strips, folded and couch-stitched down. This edging was inspired by my pal K, who suggested that some kind of raised cord would be an interesting addition. The diagonal bias stripe sort of puffs up between each stitch, which adds an almost beaded texture dimension to the border. So far have only partially stitched trim border on the top edge, bottom edge still needs border added.
The jacquard ribbon trim has both floral motifs and random bands of woven chenille in assorted coordinated colors. 'Twould be difficult to find a more perfect trim for my purposes, and it was surprisingly inexpensive. It appears to be simply serged strips of a very unusual fabric, and while it is useable as is, I felt that the serged edges needed to be enclosed somehow, hence the diagonally stripey bits, which also let me add in just a touch of my beloved indigo. This color combination looks very japanese to me, and the finished hat will coordinate with pretty much my whole cool weather wardrobe.


  1. sigh. the embellishments are just richly gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Claire - The thing is, each of the bits is quite simple in technique: pickstitched seam allowances is basically running stitch; I used pearl cotton and simply stitched by eye a small distance away from the seam. The jacquard trim (which I feel sooo lucky to have found, especially at only $2/yd) is tacked in place around the brim, and the bias edging is just folded up by hand and stitched over the edge. What makes it look well, in my opinion, is that the colors and textures are closely related in value (light/dark) but not identical in hue (brown/blue/grey)

  2. You are the mistress of exquisite detail! Such treasures you create. The subtle edges you added enhance so much.

    I had thought a jaunty ribbon flower (Threads #149, p 40) perched high up on your hat would be fun. There is another ribbon embellishment that would be attractive IMHO, perhaps military in origin, called, I believe, a gorgette, but I had no success finding an image for it. You probably know what it is, though, with your wide-ranging skills.

  3. You've got such an incredible eye for lovely detail!