Sunday, October 7, 2012

star stamp

Last week at project night, I cut a two part stencil, this is the first layer, and will be printed in metallic gold on the red rayon twill. The intention is to print fabric suitable for new SCA clothing.

After some research, discovered that creating a very slightly resilient substrate improves results. There was a big piece of foamcore behind the guest bed, big enough to fit atop the freezer, I cut off the overhanging edge...

A large piece of ecofelt folded in half covers the foamcore; since I prefer wool felt for handicraft, this will make a good padded surface

the initial sample printing setup: stencil locations marked in chalk, Lumiere paint, china saucer to use as a palette, stencil brush, and some papertowel to keep the paint from building up on the brush

First layer of painted stencils almost finished, this layer took a half hour to stencil, which means that the whole amount of fabric needed will take about five hours or more for one layer. I intend to also time the second layer, to get a good time estimate. The work will not happen all in one go, or my poor arm will fall off...

Looks very different with the inner star stencil added. The green fabric paint is much more fluid than the metallic paint (which looks yellow in this photo), and is much faster to stencil, even accounting for the smaller size... The white lines are chalk which can be brushed off or washed out, once the paint dries; it has to cure for 24 hours, then be ironed to heat set for durability.

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  1. That is very fun! I look forward to seeing how the fabric looks as a completed garment. :)