Saturday, October 6, 2012

unearned grace which our plucky heroine shifts focus from grumble to grateful...]

My kindly houseguests cleared a path through the backyard weedfilled jungle to the feral plum tree, and picked up all the undamaged windfalls, and most of the fruit still on the tree. All I need to do is put the plums in the freezer, and toss the damaged windfalls for the chickens. Happy girl will have plums this winter!

The feral plum tree has given Acorn Cottage somewhere around 12 to 14 lbs of tasty Italian prune plums. I neither planted or take care of this tree, which is wedged between the shed and the back fence, but the plums are sweet and unblemished. Girl is filled with gratitude for this unearned bounty.

Another nice thing about prune plums is how very easy they are to process for freezing, all that is needful is to cut in half and pop out the pit; easiest fruit save blueberries...

Have almost finished the nomad trousers, (a variation on Vogue 8499) all that is left to do is the handwork of stitching a bit of ribbon over the join between the loose trousers and snug embroidered cuffs. The pattern as drafted fits me fairly well; I did shift the two side leg darts up, so that they bracketed my actual knees, since the capri length pattern fits me like full length pants. The only other alteration I did was to reshape the crotch curve to eliminate the wedgie backside, which entailed simply scooping the seamline about 1cm. Seriously, the target demographic must have no bottoms!

I might actually make these again at some point, the integral pockets are great, and the fit is pretty comfortable. This pattern definitely requires a drapey fabric though, I used a rayon (ottoman?) with a tiny woven-in rib, in a bright periwinkle blue. Why ever did such a color end up in my fabric stash will remain forever a mystery?!?, but for a wearable muslin/SCA underlayer/lounge-wear pair of funky trousers, it will be just fine. Once finished this will be another item for Make and Mend 2012.

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  1. Yum, send me some! I have a wonderful Hungarian Plum Torte that is mostly fruit with a bit of batter to hold it together. Sending separate e-mail - perfect for a fall crafternoon!! xoxo