Friday, September 7, 2012


I finished my second t-shirt for the 6PAC, and am pretty happy with the asymmetrical design of the decorative neckline detail; the beading adds just a tiny bit of sparkle. I lowered the neckline about an inch and a half from the "standard" t-shirt draft, and think it could even go a bit lower.I only handstitched the sleeve hems, and did a basic machine finish on the body hem and the neckline. Since the beads are stitched on with topstitching thread the whole thing should be machine washable (on gentle cycle) I am pretty happy with this one.

Last night was fun! Two friends and somewhere between four and five hours of hatmaking... The plan was to use the Green Pepper Norwester Hat pattern as a jumping off point. I have been experimenting with different ways of constructing the hat, since if not making it as a Goretex rainhat, there are many easier ways to put those pieces together, that involve less wrestling with the boardlike interfacing, and less chance of the pins causing a blood sacrifice to the sewing gods.

Beth got her hat to the "almost finished, just needs edgebinding stage", and Cheriti, who arrived and started later, made an excellent beginning. I love stitching company, and am happy to see my pals be successful. Am also considering offering a workshop on "Machine-Sewn Millinery"...

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