Thursday, September 6, 2012


This last weekend our plucky heroine went on a 4 mile ramble that involved a bit of uphill and downhill, this morning I rode my bike for almost 8 miles. Pushing against inertia, my intent is to get my strength and stamina back again; 'twill take time, but doing nothing means no improvement.

In news from the micro-garden, harvested about a pound of tomatillos from the plants that Mindy gave me earlier this year... might not sound like much, but that is enough for a modest batch of salsa verde... and there is one little jalapeno as well, so once some lime juice is acquired, canning will happen, probably this weekend in the cool of the evening sometime.

Another project that I started on this weekend was the grading up of the Ur-Pattern. My intention is to grade the pattern to fit my current size, which was not ever then (or now) a size 5 Junior... Normally when patterns are graded, they are enlarged in both length and width. I am no taller than I was as a teenager, but I am wider. This pattern is for a much smaller size than I ever was, even as a child, so the grading involves adding 4 3/4 inches to each quadrant.

Just for comparison sake, here is the front midriff piece: original, and graded for width. In grading it is also necessary to smooth out the extended curves, since simply "connecting the dots" leaves a rather irregular result.

The front bodice piece: original, and graded for width, with an adjustment in bust size as well. The shape of the new pattern piece looks very odd, because I have shoulders that are proportionally extremely narrow.

This is a project that will involve more than one trial garment... pattern grading and modification is complex.

I am being pleasantly amazed at how much tidying can be done in 20 minutes, and how painless it is to tidy for short bursts of time interspersed with 10 minute breaks... with the inspiration of UfYH, by the time my pals arrive tonight for the Hatmaking Shindig: Phase 1, there should be plenty of Useful Flat Surfaces here at Acorn Cottage.

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