Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the home stretch

A close view of the t shirt neckline: thin jersey strip couched along the outer edge of the motif; running stitch outlining the innner motifs, with top layer cut away to show dark blue underlayer; neck edge bound and stitched down with rosebud featherstitching. A fun funky combination of finished and raw edges...
This project was pretty experimental as far as the embellishment goes, in that there was no way to know until it was completed if I would actually like how it looked, with the raw edges and all... The results are more than just acceptable, I am quite pleased with the finished decorations. The shirt looks about as good as a t shirt ever looks on me. There were some additional pattern modifications done, the neckline was brought in closer to the sides of my neck, and the sleeves were given a slight flare, to keep them from being too tight on my bodacious biceps. Future t shirts will probably have a deeper neckline, which is my default, but for this one the idea was to have it high enough that the handwork would not be buried under the bodice of my usual pinafores. Total time spent on this project: eight days of occasional stitching and handwork, mostly while riding public transit, when there is nothing else useful or pleasant to occupy my time.


  1. Very nice handiwork, from some of my favorite hands. xoxo

  2. This is SO pretty! I would have been flummoxed by that fabric -- would never have seen its possibilities. You obviously didn't have that problem.

  3. Its a great technique and I love how you have executed it!