Wednesday, July 4, 2012

grateful 4th

While there is still light in the sky as I write, it is dark enough that there are an ever-increasing number of pops, bangs, and booms coming in through the windows... Today had some extra house guests here at Acorn Cottage, as my temporary housemate was joined by both her fiance, two of their pals on the way to a new job in Eugene from Alaska, and said pals three big dogs. They all wanted to go out and about in the morning, for coffee and a bookstore run, so our plucky heroine insisted that the dogs come stay inside the house, rather than risk them possibly getting overheated in the back of the van. Once the cats were settled in the guest room with all the necessary amenities, the dogs made themselves at home...

We made cookies today. There is a shop called "Title Wave" run by the friends of the library, that sells donated and discontinued books and magazine to support our wonderful library system. Maybe Stacy found the Martha Stewart magazine there, and got inspired by the cover photo... While the gang was out and about, I mixed up the sugar cookie dough. When they got back, Stacy and Barret made the icing and colored it, and we baked the cookies, then everyone that wanted to had a chance to decorate them.

The recipes were a little skewed, but we were successful nonetheless. The suggested recipe made a whole lot of cookies (never a problem) of the sturdy sugar cookie variety, and made WAAAAYYY too much royal icing*! (Seriously, there was about three times the needed amount, and what can you do with cups of extra icing?) When I was growing up, royal icing was made with raw egg white and lemon juice and powdered sugar, but modern recipes call for pasturised egg white, or meringue powder, for safety sake. The old royal icing was slightly lemony, rather than just tooth achingly sweet...

Still it was a fun convivial kind of thing to do, and I brought a plate full to my next door neighbors, who have so sweetly been mowing my lawn all this year. It is good to have friends and to live in a real neighborhood, and be free to enjoy life.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  1. Nice job on the frosting. That looks like fun.