Friday, June 29, 2012

tut tut

Last week, our plucky heroine went up to Seattle

to the Science Center, where I'd never been before, despite living for a number of years in that city...

There are all kinds of whimsical pond sculptures

and curious watchers...

...strange exhibits and odd things...

as well as arches of the somewhat geodesic sort.

But our goal was to see the Egyptian artifact exhibit, and it did not disappoint, (although the Science Center crowd handling logistics were execrable)

There were spectacular sculptures...

...of various sizes, many much larger than life size...

...though this odd figure seems to have embraced cubical life a bit more than most!

This vertical sculpture is related to the cult of Anubis, and depicts an inflated animal skin with a long tail spiraled around the post, terminating in a lotus pod. The figures in the background are larger than life size, so this is not a small object, just rather curious looking

This was one panel of a stone cat sarcophagus. It had different cat images on each side

Carved wooden box inlaid with faience

carved alabaster urn, backlit

This relatively simple necklace was one of my favorites; as the stringing is all original, so this was how the artist far in the past had intended it to be. The beads have extremely large hole, they are more of a ring/bead, and the terminals at each end appear to be bone or ivory, carved with lotus petals and acting as end-caps.

amazing metalwork - the cloisons which once held colored material are all empty, but the beauty of the workmanship is spectacular

Previously, I had only ever seen this well known piece in pictures... would that I had been able to capture the beauty of the lapis, gold and stone inlaywork. Alas, photography through glass while attempting not to be jostled by the every increasing crowds, was very difficult

earring? with carved semi precious stones

Hawk headed necklace terminal (Horus)
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Still coughing like mad from the turrible rhinovirus, but have increased my time at work, and have made progress on various artisanly projects, in between naps and sleeping. All sorts of small delights continue to speckle my life; yesterday while riding home from the doc, there was an old man sitting on a front porch singing with a guitar, while what looked a lot like his grandson was singing with him... R found a baby jay in the grass behind the henyard, and now I understand why there has been so much jay noise all day long, they are raising a family in the backyard... V brought me a sweet pair of tiny blue trimmed dreamcatcher earrings as a souvenir of her cross country trip... Truly there has been something every day, just this last week I have felt too puny to be online and writing...

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