Monday, June 25, 2012

run run run

Running stitch is the first stitch that most learn when sewing, it is the handstitching equivalent of tabby in weaving. It has a sturdy simplicity that is very appealing. Our plucky heroine, while trying not to drown in a head cold, is moving forward on the planned summer 6PAC. The current item is #4 the t-shirt (yes, there was a jump right past #2 and #3, their turn will come later) with a decorated neckline. Using the stripey blue-grey cotton knit, and will be trying out some of the Alabama Chanin style techniques. Underlaying the primary fabric with some dark blue, so it will show when the reverse applique is done.

initial sketch, and adapted-to-neckline-shape pattern

Used my TNT t-shirt pattern, a very heavily adapted/altered/regraded version* of KwikSew 3120. All the time it took years ago to adapt a pattern to give me a tee that fits me comfortably without looking sloppy-big was sooooo worth it, this pattern gets used at least several times a year. My experiment this time, in addition to the neckline decoration, is to widen the lower edge of the short sleeves, to make the top a little more breezy for the summertime that will surely be coming our way at some point.

Stitched pieces together, except for underarm seams, so that the fabric will all lay mostly flat. Cut freezer paper to the design, ironed onto the neckline, then traced around the design with sharpie. Next step is to outline all the design with running stitch, then cut away the interior fabric to show the dark blue layer underneath.

*(added princess seams to front to accommodate FBA, reshaped neckline, recontoured side seams to fit my shape, added CB seam for additional fit/contour)

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