Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday snippets

Gryphon was here for a bit towards the end of the week, a sustaining and easeful treat; we went walkabout on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Path may indeed be drawn on the bottoms of our feet, but to have a journey-companion is an ongoing delight:
It feels like early spring and has been a warm winter; though there is no snow, the snowdrops are nonetheless very welcome:
a few blocks away, patterns decorate the sidewalk, neighbors creating art by pressure-washing away surface grime:

our plucky heroine has walked through a gateway into an unknown land, armed only with her hard won knowledge and toolkit... I know that there is a pathway to be found, somehow and somewhere, and that my feet are carrying me along it, my strong heart and the love surrounding me are keeping me upright. I know who I was when I started this journey, but I do not know what gifts there are for me in this new land, and where or when I will find the gateway back to more familiar terrain. I know that I will be changed by the time that I spend here, I do not know in what regard...
I pray for fortitude, and humor, and a cheerful heart. I need not pray for boon companions, since I already have the best folk surrounding me, my friends and family, my medical team, and my dear sweetheart. As my body continues to heal, I must trust that I can continue to make good choices about my further treatment and health. It is difficult, as my diagnosis is in a grey area as far as what to do next, and the decision, and consequence of that, are up to me. Not a happy situation for a gal who is not fond of gambling to be in, but needs must. Fortunately I have several more weeks of healing before any choices are required.

My strength returns a little more each day, and my stamina for walking likewise. I have napped a lot more and cried more than ever I have since I was a toddler. There is some lingering deep-to-surface nerve impingement in my right leg, which while not structural, is most annoyingly distracting, like electric flames, and being neurological, not affected by everyday meds. Hopefully it will dissipate in the next few months.

Our plucky heroine is abashed by the kindness of unknown strangers - yesterday L came over with a knitted prayer shawl for me from the church ladies at her church. It is a soft and warm reminder of the rippling circles of lovingkindness that we are all held within, the circles that sustain not only yours truly, but all of us...


  1. It take a good while before the meds all wear off after surgery but you will feel better.

  2. Good to hear that you are getting better. Brigid sent me here and I thought at first that this was a blog that I had never visited before. But then I looked around and remembered seeing some of your photographs. I like them - some are unique pictures that make me rethink composition.

  3. R.M. - glad you enjoy them, I am very fond of the way our shadow selves interact with the world

    Rois - I feel better with every day that passes, and the fewer meds I need to take. I am being even able to cut back on the ibuprofen now, and I think that is easing the nerve pain, since ibu causes water retention, which exacerbates nerve pressure

    North - I hope that you will continue to enjoy my images and I thank you for your kind words