Saturday, September 10, 2011

making the best of it...

in which our plucky heroine attempts to keep cool by applying distraction...

Still very hot here, not like two years ago, but not pleasant. I am grateful for the porch roof, and for the additional two years growth on the frontyard trees.

Tonight the moon was an amazing, almost copper red. There is wildfire smoke in the air, we cannot really smell it here, but it changes the color of the moon. As always, I foolishly tried to take a picture of it, shining through the branches in front of V's house, and as always, I got an image of a black rectangle with a bright spot in the middle...

Remember CatFish and OwlDog? from the weekend of the Art Party? They are much more colorful now!

This afternoon got a chance to go hang out with my Resiliency Ranger pals, who were headed over to V's house for a work party. Stopped off at Uwajimaya on the way for an assortment of random asian snackage. Much to my unexpected delight, the house is running air-conditioning!! SInce the hand is not much use yet*, I didn't have a chance to help with the touch-up painting:

I did have a chance to say hello to the three resident cat folk, Dante, Fizzgig, and Pip. This is Fizzgig:

V is one of those folks who has mad skills in multiple directions, and where she lives, has the option to follow through on many of them. This is a field of flax, with some of the harvested flax in the foreground:
* "You're not useless, you're convalescing. You're pupating to become a firestorm of awesome resilience and grace" - - - thus wrote my RR pal B, reminding me that this oh so frustrating time is actually both necessary and useful


  1. If you find yourself in our area of Portland--we have cooling too. You can drop in for a visit if you'd like to chill for a while.

  2. Loved this, and the photos. Thanks so much for your kind words at HOTR. I hope you visit often. I for one, will be back here.


  3. P.S. I have a brother in Sequim, one in Poulsbo and Dad is in Longview. :-)