Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wishful Wednesday

Well that was quick! And there I'd just been wishing deciding that the two projects that need done by the end of the year were to fix the windowsills that Termite the Wonder Dog destroyed, and to replace the Cranky Commode...

Yesterday B stopped by, as he was down here working on the building in SE. It turns out that B&K bought a brand new toilet for one of the bathrooms there, and it didn't fit the old plumbing, so they are giving it to me! All I need to do is hire someone to remove the old one, and install the new one, and Acorn Cottage will have a new dual flush, chair height throne. Much gratitude to the generosity of friends (and the quirkyness of old plumbing)

Now 'tis needful to ask around for recommendations for plumber and/or handman type folks here in Portland that my local circle of friends have had good experiences working with... Any advice?


  1. Henry Bennett (from SCA) is a contractor--you might try contacting him.
    I just had a plumber out--can't say I was impressed with him when he didn't even have all the tools he needed for the job. So, not worth a recommendation.

  2. There is always Chance to ask.

  3. Sharon, the last time I hired someone from the SCA, (though they came well recommended) it did not go well) and though the worst of the damage caused was repaired (at their cost) right away, the lesser damage is still extant three years later.

    Rois, I was figuring on calling you for a recommendation/information later today, (didn't think Chance's back was up for pulling a toilet)