Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday thoughts - a knitted partlet, and quince

In which our plucky heroine continues to prepare for a cold winter.

This pattern for a knitted neckwarmer looked like just the thing for wintertime, being both cute and supremely useful. The resulting garment, a kind of knitted partlet, is currently wrapped around my neck and shoulders. The textured stitch used here is a kind of cross between garter stitch and 1x1 ribbing, so it lays nice and flat and pulls in just enough to be really thick and warm, perfect for a dank grey day like today.

The original design had the knitting basically flat, with shaping only at the front edge to create the pointed collar and center front edge. On trying it on partway through, it seemed that the shoulder area needed to be much more flared to sit well, so that part was frogged and reknit with three increase zones. The lower half is now a small capelet and will serve well to keep my shoulders warm, 'specially when sitting at the computer.

Were I to knit this one again, as is quite possible, since it is rather charming and completely suits my aesthetic, I shall certainly also add additional shaping to the collar, so as to allow the front edges to come closer to the center front as well. I also might use a different buttonhole technique, since the yarnover buttonholes are rather loose.

The vintage buttons arrived safely, and the white mother of pearl ones were perfect for this. (the blue-grey ones were rather more blue than would look well with the yarn colors) Given the excellent price and quick service, I'm glad I bought them, they are also beautiful and will work well on other clothing projects. Since collar edges are more or less along my shoulders, it seems foolish to run the buttons all the way along the front edge, since they will not be seen and will unbalance the collar edge in a way that would be less of a problem if the edges met in the center front. Tee hee, this leaves me with a dozen beautiful white shell buttons to stash in the button box for a future project...
≈ : ♥ : ≈

Though CanJam** week is almost over, the quince from S is going into the crockpot tonight anyway. Stewed quince bits will be preserved with sugar and rosewater* for a treat later in the winter, and since quince takes long cooking to soften and sweeten, the crockpot will be my friend.

* besides the fact that I adore flower flavors in food, the renowned Tigress herself thought this was a good combination: Quince in Rose Syrup

** CanJam food for November is pome fruit


  1. I wish I had been paying closer attention to your button search,I have a whole large yogurt tub FULL of vintage shell,as in sea shell-shell, buttons I would have shared with you.
    Next time we are together remind me to share my wealth with you.

  2. Rois dear - you always share your wealth with me. My life here in the biggest small town would be a far poorer thing without you and your family...

  3. I've been admiring your knitting projects lately; it's wonderful you can knit clothing for yourself.