Tuesday, September 7, 2010

S3 - day 7

I like this combination - the japanese dress worn under the corduroy jumper. This sleeve length looks a better proportion on me than the sleeves of the voile blouse. (remember this when sewing blouses in the future) Less time on the computer means more time for project completion, which will lead to more time for sewing clothing. This weekend's art demo made it clear that a shop apron is a necessity, and should be made an immediate priority. There is a slightly too small pinafore which just might work for that, if the back is removed and waist ties added. And extra pockets, definitely. That might be part of the sewing work tonight...
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My friend R is having a garage sale, only instead of having it at her house, she is having it here, at Acorn Cottage this coming weekend. If other local folks have things they want to sell, just let me know beforehand... or come by on Saturday and shop for some lovely trinkets and treasures.
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Having a knitting project again is a very happy thing. I love the colors of the Noro Chirimen #2, but boy howdy is that yarn really overspun! It keeps looping and knotting up on itself, which is most annoying in an otherwise lovely proto-textile, and requires the periodic dangling the knitting at the end of a length of yarn to let it "untwist". It definitely slows down the knitting progress, but the test moebius will still be completed before the September 16th deadline.

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  1. I have been busy Njyall Binding myself a cozy new hat for winter wear.It's looking good so far. I figured I have been wearing the same hat for 14 years now and even though the hat is still in great shape maybe a change could happen.