Friday, September 3, 2010

S3 - day 3

This is the first of the Japanese dresses made earlier this summer, and I like this one much more than the multicolored one. Partially since the print is in my favorite colors, and partially since the rayon has a wonderful very slightly creped texture, which makes it especially cool to wear. And today that was really necessary, almost 90F... Enough breeze so that when in the shade it was bearable, but the bus stops are mostly not shaded. And much to my dismay, the 72 bus had the air conditioning turned off, and most of the windows stuck shut. Not feeling much like twirling*, by the time I made my way home I was fit for nothing at all but to stand under a cold shower for a bit and cool down my poor baked noggin.
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The chickens got the freedom of the backyard today, so they could find the coolest spots under the arborvitae in the heat of the day. Once the ground softens again with the winter rains, my plan is to put in a bunch more fence stakes, so as to confine the hens to one side of the yard. Everything always takes longer than imagined. The ideal would be to give them all the yard not intended for garden, or clothesline, they seem so much happier when given a larger landscape. HP is moulting, and though the speckldy sisters are not, I am only getting about one egg a day. Very mysterious...
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Did you ever wonder about a Pale Beauty... (no, not the Procol Harum song, a Whiter Shade of Pale,) but that is actually the name of this lovely moth, which showed up one morning during Jen's birthday week. Isn't that the most amazingly cooling color...
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*As you can see it has quite a twirly hemline:
This dress is actually almost as easy to draft and put together as a Viking Apron Dress, being made of a combination of rectangles and triangles... Had I simply thought of it that way rather than getting all caught up in the clever diagram on the Kokka website, it would have been much easier to get right the first time.

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  1. You're right, that IS a beautiful moth.

    love hearing about the chickens,