Thursday, September 23, 2010

random Thursday threads +S3, days 22, 23

note to self: in the future, do not make vietnamese cabbage and egg breakfast with red cabbage - it turns the eggs an interesting teal blue color...

Well, I missed wishful Wednesday, but were it yesterday I just wanted to make a note of this completely delicious Liberty of London  printed corduroy... at $40/yd it is much too dear to add to my fabric stash, but oh how lovely!  I would happily wear a pinafore made from such lovely and subtle prints.

Just wanted to mention, if I'm not the only one that wears knee socks, that I've been really  happy with the military boot socks from Sock Dreams. They really do stay up, all day, and are quite comfortable, even for my picky little feet, and they have no problem negotiaing my rather muscular calves** either. (Really if you walk as much as I do, your legs will not be spindly) I am hopeful that they will also be fairly durable, not sure about that "recycled cotton content". After all my unhappiness with the poor customer service from Maggies Organic Socks, it is great to have an alternative.

Yesterday I wore the same old japanese dress... This design is a real delight to wear when the weather is hot outside. As I sort through my fabric stash, whatever dresslengths of rayon I find will be earmarked to make more of these for next summer. This design really will only look well made up in a fabric with a lot of drape to it; in something with even as much substance as cotton broadcloth, it will just look bunchy.
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A confection of painted limoges-style vitreous enamel, set in silver, on a necklace of graduated vintage bone beads, my "tea with maneki-neko" necklace had the right soft colors to work with the patchy rayon, perfect for the warm day.   I made this enamel as a demo piece in a workshop I was teaching on how to use painting enamels. The kanji at the top of the setting says "tea". I will be teaching another painting enamel workshop towards the end of October, it is a technique that is easier for beginners than cloisonné.
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Today is once again back to the damp autumn drizzle, though not a native, the sound of the rain hitting my metal awnings outside the bedroom window is a sure way for me to start the day with a smile.  My rayon split-neck cowl is just the thing for cooler weather. Though I've cut out the pieces for the grey corduroy pinafore, since it isn't finished, I'm wearing my older pale blue cotton one, with my stratus scarf. With this much "stuff" around my neck, a necklace or brooch would just be excess weight, so all the jewelry for today is simply my favorite Scythian style earrings...
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** I am having a fantasy about these boots... They are made by Keen, who make the shoes that actually fit my feet. The listed measurements lead me to believe that they might actually fit me, with my short legs and my calf circumference of someone who does more than sit all day. I wonder if it is possible to go somewhere and try them on. Just to torment myself, since that is rather a bit of a splurge... Maybe as a present to myself on reaching my first weight goal? I mean if they actually fit? not totally impractical after all, they are waterproof and wouldn't it be stylish to have winter boots that were not rubber wellies!!


  1. Hey Lady, I have a tip for you from my own personal source,give Nordstroms a call and ask if the boots are in the stores,which some of their online things are not.If the boots are not in the stores or not at a store close to you ask them to send a pair to the store closest to you (downtown?). They will call you when they arrive and you can go try them on without having to buy.
    Miss you lots!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much. Made my morning.


  3. I did call Nordstroms to see if they have them in the store - they don't, only online. But if I want to order them, I can have them shipped to a local store at no charge, and try them on there, if they fit that would be nifty, and if they don't they could be returned at no cost to me. The real issue is justifying spending that kind of money on something just because I want it...