Tuesday, September 21, 2010

mightily peculiar

Something is rather odd around here. I am beginning to suspect that the Good Folk are peeved with me.

In the past few weeks, an assortment of things have gone missing. Now mind you, I am rather more than a little absent minded, but this is not quite the same. Tonight, while in the middle of shifting the sewing room back to a guest room, somehow in between there and the living room, my good sewing scissors disappeared. Not quite out of my hand, but almost. All the other scissors ended up in the sharp things drawer... Yesterday I took out the manual for my sewing machine, and when I went to read it, it wasn't there, and also wasn't in the case... I wanted to wear my most favorite enamel necklace, and the beads are hanging on the wall, with the little hooks that hold the necklace hooked together, and the necklace not there... ( I could go on, there are at least several more things that are Not Where I Put Them)

So, I set out some whiskey, and some cream, in little dishes. Anyone have any other suggestions, other than the fact that Acorn Cottage needs a really thorough sorting out.

Still suffering from truly astonishingly painful sciatica, or something like it. Aspirin takes the edge off enough that I can go to work, just.

How are things going with my SelfStitchedSeptember? Well, yesterday I wore my leafy grey Ikea dress, again. It was pretty warm during the day. It was cold this morning, so I bundled up to go feed the hens. Started the day wrapped in my nice warm "fess dancetty" shawl, over my blue corduroy pinafore, and wearing a blue and black rayon refashioned tunic as an underdress. (I fully expect that by afternoon I will need to change back into my japanese dress, as the forecast is for 70F and partly sunny)

The earrings I've been wearing have an interesting backstory. I found them while walking along the side of the road, on the bridge over Hwy 101 near Mud Bay, back when I lived there. They originally had a kind of blue plastic faux lapis as the lower curve under the silver, which was, of course, all broken up by whatever had happened to them on the shoulder of the road. Took them home, washed them, carefully chipped away the rest of the plastic, and thought about what would be a nice alternative. After a while, the image became clear in my mind's eye... Drilled three little holes, and with a bunch of teeny freshwater pearls, and some 30ga beading wire, turned some roadside debris into a favorite pair of earrings.


  1. Salt in the corners and open your front and back doors and tell your visitor to leave in a very firm,like you mean it,not so nice voice. Wait just a little bit (you don't want them sneaking back in) and then close the doors.

  2. I really like those earrings - very nice!

    Really enjoy your blog - have meant to tell you that several times. Wish I were closer - I'd be there on your craft days for sure.