Monday, May 17, 2010

dressed for rhubarb: musings and media + M3 - day 17

Finished the cornflower blue ikat dress (except for the pockets). The CanJam entries are due this week, so tonight I will start the jammin'...
cornflower blue ikat dress
grey chambray apron
multi-blue bead neckalce
This cornflower blue ikat fabric is rustic, but very soft, so much that I have been hesitant to put my usual patch pockets on the skirt panels. I have an idea though, of a different pocket style that I used years ago, must let that idea percolate a day or two.

The apron is one that I refashioned from an old vest from my Mom, when I visited there last time. I used up every scrap of it, so the gores are patched together rather oddly, but it works as an apron just fine, the edges are bound with pieces from one of my Dad's old flannel shirts.

The beads, made by my friend S, were part of an elaborate swap, and have been re-strung several times; I keep trying to find the best way to show off their amazing details, twenty-two handmade glass beads, each different, and mostly eye beads, in shades of blue and black and grey and white.

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One of the discussion topics on the MeMadeMay flickr group was what folks like, if anything, to listen/watch while sewing; this was my reply:
Occasionally I listen to my Pandora stations, and sometimes I just want it to be quiet so that I can focus if I'm working on a difficult bit.

Lately I have been using YouTube as a kind of personal radio station, which forces me to get up and walk to the other room where the computer is every three to ten minutes to select another song. Though it sounds very disruptive, it is actually a good thing for my body, to not just sit in one position, and none of my sewing is something that cannot be stopped and started. Plus I can choose my favorite performers, and never have to listen to ads.

I find it fascinating how greatly folks vary in what they like as "auxiliary" input whilst working. I have many friends that watch movies while sewing, which I could never do, and once shared a studio with someone who listened to NPR all day, which took me about a year to adapt to. I can listen to instrumental music, and people singing, but any kind of people talking is too distracting. Is it odd then, that I actually enjoy sewing in the company of friends, though I am not as productive as I would be alone...

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I'd mentioned last week that I am quite enamored with the artwork of Rob Ryan... This time-lapse film shows a week long papercut being made; "each second of the film represents about 20 minutes of cutting."
More about him here or see more of his work in his shop
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  1. Oh HOLY SNAP! that video was so overwhelmingly good. Paper is one of my favorite mediums to work with.