Saturday, May 30, 2009

partial update...

Another sunny day. Grateful I am for the new front porch, since it is over 80°F in the shade here. I may be able to avoid covering my living room windows this summer (for the past several years they have spent the summer covered with mylar bubblepack insulation, which keeps the house about ten degrees cooler, but adds a certain peculiar ambiance to both the interior and the exterior). I forsee a fabric shade for the south side, until I can get hop starts planted, which I hope should flourish in that sunny location
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The hot weather totally saps my energy, and I collapsed for a nap after riding my bike to do errands this morning. After riding to the local post office, which I'd forgotten was closed on Saturdays, I decided to hop on the MAX to the grocery store, where I was unable to resist temptation and bought a six pack - of lacinato kale starts. Since I have not had a chance to get to a real plant nursery, and hence have no chard, at least I will have a nice variety of kale for the fall and winter (I already have two other kinds of kale starts). Have finally cleared the terribly weedy garden beds and plants are mostly tucked in. Grass is the worst offender, sending incredibly long rhizomes into the more soft fertile soil. I have heard that if you call a tree service, they will leave you a deposit of wood chips, which if layered over thick newspaper or cardboard, will discourage the revenge of the lawn.
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Awoke from my nap to the sound of loud rattley-bangs coming from the street... the van with the flat tire, which has been parked across the street for so long it has plants growing under it, is getting worked on, and having newer air-holding tires attached.
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My week long visit with my mom was great. She enjoyed meeting some of my local friends at the teaparty, and my friend Sharon (from high school) came down to visit one day with her daughter my friend Heather and Heather's one year old Elencia. A trip out to the Edgefield for lunch and garden-viewing was a treat as well. Besides the social visiting, we had time to do mother-daughter sewing and crafting...I may have encouraged my mom into a new hobby of beadwork jewelry. My mom decided to rent a car for the week, and I must say that having a car is like having running water - really easy to get used to. Errands take a very short time, compared to bussing it or biking it. With the rental car, we were able to get outside of Portland as well. One day we drove a loop to the coast, which I really enjoyed, (except for the personal challenge part) We had decided to go to Cape Disapointment, on the Washington side of the mouth of the Columbia. I knew there was a bridge involved, but somehow hadn't thought about what sort of bridge it was likely to be. I have had a driving-over-water phobia for decades, and my worst nightmares are those with that theme. To say that I was pleased to drive straight up in the air, then hang a left onto a high bridge then swoop down to a causeway barely above the water than onto another bridge would be a lie. But I did it. Knowing that I would need to do it yet again, or take an Inappropriately Long Detour to get home. I do not take kindly to my own foolishness, and there were a lot of some bad words, and some "I refuse to stand in my own way, I can do this" The park was worth the drive though, I only wish that we had had more time. On the way back, we found the fish and chips boat in Astoria, but they were closed that day (sigh). Ah well, more fun things for another trip. The sweetest thing was that my Dad called every morning to talk to her. They have been married for fifty-five years and are still in love.
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I've started using my serger and I am delighted with it. Since I've signed up for the 4-month Wardrobe ReFashion challenge this will come in very handy, there is yardage in my bins o' fabric that will be much easier to deal with now. I'm considering making some fun Fair clothing; I know that buried in my stash is some blue rayon velvet, and various bits and bobs of printed rayon that would be really happy to go to the Oregon Country Fair. For now, I've taken an assortment of indigo scraps and made a stripey patchwork travel vest for my Mom.
The Akita t-shirt that I made four years ago (for a different online challenge) was something I rarely wore, despite the fun graphic, Not sure what I had been thinking, I just don't like regular t-shirts; their neckline is too high and the sleeves are too short to look at all attractive IMHO. So, I hacked up another black and blue flower knit top, extended the sleeves to ¾ length, and recut the neckline and bordered it with more of the flowered knit.
Much more wearable now. My current refashion project is to turn my former denim overalls into an overall jumper. I'm thinking workwear/playclothes, with added gores and extra pockets, and the patchwork flounce from another worn-out denim jumper; 'twill be pretty funky, but if I can get another season of wear out of them that will be good.
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I'd best be away back to my weekend projects...

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