Wednesday, May 27, 2009

coexistence? (NOT)

My morning routine is get up and get dressed, let the chicken(s) out, empty the dog, make breakfast , then start my day of work and projects and art...This morning I was preparing breakfast for Smokey, when I heard an awful ruckus coming from the backyard; a raccoon was chasing Henny Penny round the yard. I'm not sure what the neighbors thought of my hollering NO YOU QUIT THAT RIGHT NOW! as my one remaining hen ran for my back door and I ran out yelling and chased the raccoon off. Gorram cheeky little bandit. There are feathers aplenty on the ground, but Henny Penny seems uninjured. I think this afternoons task is to make a more secure hen shelter, if the raccoons are coming out in broad daylight looking for trouble prey.


  1. We had Raccoon sex in the middle of night not to long ago.It was the middle of the night.Luckly Thora chased them off.No need for more of those critters. Good luck with the building.

  2. Poor little Henny Penny! I'm glad she is ok.
    I am having the opposite problem at the moment. My little ginger cat keeps going next door and chasing my neighbours large chickens around his yard. My neighbour is unsurprisingly very cross, and we don't know how to stop the cat :(