Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm down, I'm grounded safe and sound

That two hour drive from there to here has never seemed so alarmingly long. Remind me not to do that again on five hours of sleep...

The event went very smoothly, thoughtful gifts were exchanged, and seeing my many friends was the best part. The "Art Show" in the hotel room Saturday night turned into my favorite kind of party, not all drunken and raucous, but plenty of good storytelling. It was fun to disguise all the standard hotel things into a gallery-space. I was particularly pleased with turning the TV cabinet into an illuminated cabinet of coppery sculptural goodness, though sadly I forgot to take a picture, being already very tired at that point. Also, turning the ironing board into a console table to display my jewelry and trinkets and Rafney's needlefeltings worked quite well.

Many thanks to Elfreda for minding the merchant space while I went to the Laurel's meeting Saturday morning, One of the hardest things about events is being "trapped" in the marketplace, while important or interesting things are happening everywhere else, there were many folks I'd have liked to connect with that I never saw, they were busy with meetings, not shoppings. Smokey did her bit as an Akita ambassador both on Saturday night at the Art Show, and during the two hours between hotel checkout and merchant teardown (when she got to come and hang out in the marketplace) Also a special thank-you to the various musicians who came and played in the marketplace, it added a pleasant ambiance to the half empty room

I can't stop yawning, I'm going to bed now, the rest of the unpacking and laundry can wait till tomorrow...

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