Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bits of news, mostly good

I didn't get sick at 12th Night. This is a first, every other Hotel 12th Night I've gone to I have ended up ill with respiratory crap. Bringing the Brita filter meant that I had plenty of water to drink that tasted okay. Bringing the wee crockpot meant that I had a hot supper. (I used some of the boil-in-bag Indian food, and pre-cooked rice-in-bag from the emergency food shelf, and just hotted them up in the almost boiling water, it worked great. The other thing that worked well was the small chalkboard for the merchant table, I'll definitely add this to my event list, as a great way to leave useful messages: ie "Art Show in Room 146 tonight" or "shop closed for Laurel Meeting, re-open at 11AM"
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There is definitely something here at Acorn Cottage that I am allergic to. Bedtime is the start of massive sneezing and congestion. Not restful. I'm guessing that it is in the carpet, and hoping that it is not my featherbed, feather pillows, and down puff. Sometime this spring, with help, the bedroom carpet will go away.
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The good people at Friends of Trees called me again this week, the last week to order trees. I'd given up on the idea, since there just was not enough money in the piggy bank right now... My neighborhood coordinator, when I told her that, said that there was a bit of subsidy funding, if I could pay a portion of the cost. Whoo hoo. I will be getting a semi-dwarf Bartlett pear (as a yard tree). I'm thinking to put it in the backyard, near the apple tree babies. I'll want to get another variety of pear, or maybe learn to graft, pears do better with more than one kind of pollen.
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And, for your amusement, I present yet another picture of Smokey the Compact Akita in her role as the Bolster of furry softness...

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