Wednesday, August 1, 2007

spontaneous generation of rosebushes

For some reason yesterday, I was looking along the south edge of the backyard, the narrow zone where nothing much grows, where the hens like to take dust baths, when I found there were three new little rosebushes starting to grow.

Now, I know that they weren't there when I moved in, 'cos what was there were several really sickly rhodies, which I gave away on Freecycle, to folks with a better place for them than total shade. And I know that my neighbor on the other side of the fence hasn't got roses, 'cos the old fence blew down last year, and during the months before the new fence went up, I got a clear view of his little backyard, and the plants on the other side of the fence do not include roses. Though I wouldn't be at all sad if the daphne over there decided to send up sprouts on my side of the fence (not very likely, ha ha)

So my best guess is that wild critters have dropped rose hips in the yard...maybe the destructo-squirriels have actually done something non-destructive. I guess that baby roses will do alright there for now, but wonder if moving them to a spot that actually gets some sunlight might be a good idea. (Long term, I intend to extend the hen run along that edge of the yard, since it is pretty dry shade under the shadow of a six foot high cedar fence, and anything in the hen run will get scratched to bits).

Am still feeling under the weather, but not as bad as yesterday. Made some hot honey and lemon and whiskey before going to bed last night, and it sent me right off to dreamland. Between that and all the echinacea tea and tincture, hopefully will have useful teaching brain by the weekend. Am running around like mad today to get all the class prep done, then suddenly get all exhausted and need to go nap... I feel a bit like a toddler today

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