Tuesday, August 7, 2007

little miss muffet at 70 mph

The last several days have been very busy. I left on Thursday last for the first leg of my trip up to Danaca to teach the weekend cloisonne workshop. Waited till after 8 PM to leave, as the traffic on I5 was, as usual awful.
While driving north, I realised that the moving blob on the windshield was in fact a spider, was somewhere between the size of a nickle and a quarter(legs included) and was in fact, on the inside, almost at face level. I do not like spiders in my personal space, and while I can usually manage to scoop them up with a cup and a bit of cardboard at home, while zooming down the highway I just am not quite so coordinated. Somehow I managed to detach my rubbish bag from its holder and smuush the spider, while maintaining control of the car and staying in my lane. At 70 mph.

Stopped overnight in Olympia, to leave Smokey at "doggy camp", and have some visiting time with some of my friends. (always good) Got to see what a ton of rocks looks like, as they are building a new raised bed on the edge of the driveway. Since they have both a pickup truck, and a quarry just across the valley, rock edging is more of a possibility. A ton of rocks looks a lot smaller in person than in my imagination. Nonetheless, there will eventually be a wonderful home for all the mediterranean dryland herbs, with several tons of rock edging.

More to come, but I've got to go to work now....

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