Friday, June 8, 2007

S.N.A.F.U.'d but still smiling

In the grand scheme of things, house-rot is not really high up there. The fact is: I still have a house, with a roof, screened windows and hot and cold running water. I have awesomely wonderful friends. No one is kicking me out on the street saying: we don't want to live with you anymore. I have a wonderful Akita and two hilarious hens. Unlike most of the planet I have enough food and no one is trying to kill me. And believe you me, not a day goes by that I am not thankful for all I have.

Last night in a fit of aggravation, I took my trusty box knife to more of the vinyl flooring, and peeled up about a 3 by 4 foot chunk. The sad thing is that it peeled up quite easily, and felt quite damp on the underside. There are more patches of obviously rotted plywood, and in one place my hand went right through. The situation is worse than I originally thought, and the worst thing is that I can only blame myself. Last year March, when the plumbing leak occurred, I did my best to dry out the area, but no one suggested that I needed to take up the floor, and I didn't realise that I should have...

There is standing water under the floor. That is what I found. Lurking beneath the vinyl and the plywood subfloor is a layer of now soggy fiberglass insulation batting, and a layer of some kind of heavy plastic, which is holding a layer of water right against the wooden floor supports which hold up the sub floor. The water has been there since last March. The wooden supports are also rotting from the bottom up, I found out, as one beam was visible from the hole my hand made in the floor, so I tried poking it with my trusty screwdriver and the bottom was all white moldy squish (ugh). I do not know how far the water has spread under the floor, and I imagine that until actually removing the floor happens there won't be any way to know. Depending on how much demolition will be necessary to remove all the moldy rotten wood, I may need to lose some of the walls in the hallway between the kitchen and the workroom, which might not be so bad. (If I was designing that space, I would configure the walls there differently, or not put some there at all)

I should know more on Monday after consultation, but right now I am doing my best to stay calm and keep working. I'll be moving stuff out of the pantry and workroom, and wishing I had some more shelves somewhere in the house.

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