Wednesday, June 6, 2007

mixed, very mixed

A small bit of goodness... I discovered that the purple shiso that I grew last year, courtesy of the good folk up at the Menagery, has re-seeded itself in the planter box. Somehow I missed the little plantlets, hidden behind the big chard, but since the chard is mostly done, having been going strong since last summer, I discovered this plantly bonus. Purple shiso, also called perillia(sp?) is used to give the pink pickled sushi ginger that lovely pink color. I may have to try my hand at pickling some ginger slices.

Otherwise I've found a very disturbing problem here at Acorn Cottage. Some of you may remember the plumbing problem of last year, where badly installled pipes began leaking inside the wall behind the pantry cupboard, and the home warranty company took 3 DAYS to send out a plumber to repair the leaky pipe. Well... even though I managed to get the water turned off to the house quickly, (which left me with no water for those three days) got the wall torn open shortly after discovering the leak, pulled out all the insulation, left the wall open for days after the repair, washed everything down with bleach, kept a fan running until everything was dry before repairing the wall...

This last week I noticed that the floor near that area seemed like it was no longer quite structural in places. This does not bode well. Last night the words "dry rot" percolated up through my interior mind, and I bravely cut away a bit of the vinyl flooring inside the pantry. The plywood sub-floor appears more like crumbly mulch bits. THIS IS NOT GOOD. (insert Fjorlief tearing at what little hair she still has here) The piggy-bank is still quite flabby since April 15th. I've no experience with this level of "home repair", but I know that my original idea of just screwing a piece of plywood down over the soft area would only make the problem worse, while the fungal damage zone would continue to grow. I am tempted to use my trusty box knife and cut away the vinyl flooring in this area to see how far the damages range, and then remove the crumbled fungal wood.

The difficulty is that the damaged area is in the passageway between the work room / laundry room and the rest of the house. not a convenient place for a big hole in the floor. I can cope by walking around the outside of the house, but still...

Nonetheless, I can't let the problem get worse. Ah the joys of homeownership, that time-consuming and expensive hobby

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