Wednesday, May 9, 2007

more Scythian horse

As I'd promised, here are more pictures:

Once enough layers of enamel are built up, the irregular surface needs to be ground smooth. Here you can see the beginning of the process, which I find the most tedious part of enameling. The grinding is usually done with a white aluminum oxide stick, by hand, under cold running water.

and here it is further ground down, almost ready for firing

After the first "flash-firing", there are often small areas that need a bit of extra enamel to bring it all up to an even surface. This is preferable to grinding down too far, and maybe losing some of the carefully applied shading.

And here is the piece, ready to have a suitable setting made for it...

Just in case you wondered where I do this kind of work, here is a picture of my kiln (nicknamed "Mr Hot" by my friend Heather when she was about 9 years old), and a bit of one of my workspaces, much less messy than usual

I have been doing other things as well, working, starting to get the veggie space up and happening, and also just finished this small shelf unit to store my enamel powder. It will hang on the wall in the workroom, once that room has been "improved". (I am still moving things out of said workroom, preparatory to carpet removal and window installation), which hopefully will happen in the next few months. I had fun making this, used an old drawer from the Rebuilding Center and various bits of scrap.

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  1. I'm sure you've heard this many times: you are so talented! The pendant is exquisite and elegant; the shelf is joyful and pleasing to the eye. Looks like you used yardsticks on the shelf edges; what fun.

    Keep up the good work.