Monday, May 21, 2007

All in all, crazed but busy

It has been a busy weekend here at Acorn Cottage. Mindy and Bill, friends from up in Burien, came to visit. I am Mindy's "seamstress on retainer" (she sends me money, I sew clothing and mail it to her) We started this arrangement last year, with a pattern for drawstring pants. She was wanting a summer dress/jumper as in the Shapely Viking Apron Dress/a Jumper for the Rest of Us, and hence the visit. They hadn't yet seen Acorn Cottage, or the chickens, and got the fifty cent tour right away. Lots of good conversation and catching-up, and a tasty dinner out at Ya Hala. I was able to generate a quick dress mock-up, using fabric from an Ikea quiltcover from Goodwill, that Mindy liked so much we are planning on finishing it as an actual summer sundress. Smokey was in seventh heaven, as she got lots of wrassling and toss the dog toy with Mindy's Bill while we girls were doing sewing stuff.

Once they left for parts Northward on Sunday, I was able to get some more of the baby plant starts from last weekend into the ground. Between the starts from Growing Gardens, the heirloom veggies from my visit to the menagery in OlyWa, random plants from my old friend Sharon, and the flat of cosmos from a neighbor up the block, my front deck is covered with vegetative infants. Well, actually, now it is half covered...

Once it got too dark to play in the dirt, I went inside and continued working on the projects I'm doing for Vikki

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