Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday thoughts - Filling The Gaps, Spanning the Seasons

in which our plucky heroine indulges in more SWAP planning...

My ideas are to make garments that will fill the niches, and all work together, as well as with my current wardrobe. One of the great benefits of my coherent style vision and a limited color palette is that in time, my entire closet has become what The Vivienne Files calls "whatever's clean"... while I do have favorite combinations, any group I pull off the hangers and out of the dresser can be worn together.

So, initial SWAP concepts for this one include using a limited number of patterns: TNT pinafore/dress/peplum top (all one pattern), TNT popover dress, Tabula Rasa shirt/jacket/vest

The rules call for two neutral colours, 3 garments from each colorway...
1. corduroy pinafore - I have enough of the extra-fine-wale corduroy in a medium brown to make another brown pinafore, since I love and enjoy the brushed twill one, and the black/brown shot linen one I already have. Adding brown into my wardrobe has turned out to work really well for the colder season, it coordinates flawlessly with my beloved indigo and black, and looks just fine with grey
2. brushed twill vest or jacket - Might make a vest, but a jacket would be preferable if there is enough fabric. If not, one idea I had was to make a vest and add handknit sleeves... hmmm...
3. knit top - (can use RTW Uniqlo turtleneck, or create an Alabama Chanin inspired jersey top)
4. dark denim pinafore - (already made, from SWAP 2017)
5. pinstripe dress - The pinstriped indigo cotton will work well as a dress, since the front bodice is cut on the bias, there will be lovely chevrons formed at the center front...
6. textured linen jacket - I found some interesting midweight textured linen, indigo with a touch of black, that should work really nicely for a jacket, if I can figure out the pattern... I have all sorts of ideas!

... 2 accent colors and one print, one garment in each of these: grey (or turquoise), and black, and a floral print -
7. black corduroy pinafore - this is already cut out, the fabric is a strange irregular ribbed corduroy, so will be unlike the other black pinafores I already have.
8. grey textured rayon popover top - since I only have enough left of this fabric for a huipul length and not a dress length, this gets to be a top and not a dress. The fabric has little textured squares woven into the smooth fabric, I think it was originally intended as lining fabric, and I know it wears well, I have made garments from it in past years
9. floral print cotton blouse - Ahhh, the other piece/colorway of this beautiful mid-century inspired floral fabric. Alexander Henry cotton lawn in the pattern called Trios. I have been saving this to use as a real blouse. I made the other length I had into a peplum top, and wish I had waited... I shall have to encouragy myself to gird loins and tackle fitting the sleeves of Tabula Rasa, so I can go forward and make blouses

...and finally 2 more additional garments in any or all of the colors already chosen
10. indigo rayon popover dress - This easy pattern works both as a layer underneath a pinafore, and as a dress on its own. I am thinking about embellishing the medium indigo fabric with a bit of block printed decoration...
11. Alabama Chanin style cotton jersey cardigan - I have wanted to make this for a long time, and have already cut the stencils earlier this year. My design is based on this Gudrun Sjoden cardigan, but mine will be more cropped, so as to look well worn over a pinafore dress. I have enough cotton jersey in both brown and indigo/navy, so my thought is: brown top layer, blue bottom layer, black stenciling, grey stitching... that will be a bridge garment and will look well with pretty much all of my cool and cold weather clothing

It is also likely that some time between now and the end of April, that I will create at least some of the optional accessory items. I could really use some new hats, my denim hat is both sun faded and floppy, since it is well over X years old, and even my brown hat is quite sun faded as well. THere may be some jewelery, or even a city daypack... who knows, but first off, need to get back to fitting the Tabula Rasa

November SMART goals (x=extra)
1 x garlic planted-
2 x worm bin refreshed-
3 x x -
4 x x -
5 xx x
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

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