Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday snippets

In which our plucky heroine makes slow progress and has a cooking revelation...

I've been slowly making progress on the batik popover dress, and have just come to find out that for some reason I cut the entire dress about four or five inches shorter than my usual, so just above knee length. While that would work well for layering, summertime is not the season of layers around here. I will cut out a hem band of a different black rayon, since there is not a smidgen of the batik leftover. In fact I will be edgebinding the neckline with a different fabric entirely, some black/cream lightweight cotton ikat, for the same reason.

At this juncture I need to sew the pocket bags on, bind the neckline, deal with the too short factor, and hem the sleeves. I am wondering about maybe doing something vaguely lagenlook with the hem band, in a drapey lantern sort of way. It would not have the architectural effect I often see, but would truly simplify the adding of length, as a straight strip is infinitely easier to attach and hem than a curved panel.

I also found pieces I'd cut out to make a textured black rayon popover dress several years ago (back in 2012), with a decorated neckline. I began the embellishment and then unaccountably simply put the whole project aside. This will definitely be the next dress in the summer popover collection

Dinner tonight was sliced cold poached chicken thigh on mixed salad greens, drizzled with homemade "Thai" peanut sauce. I have decided that poached chicken is perfect for hot weather: it uses minimal electricity (drop chicken in boiling water, turn off stove, let cook using residual heat in pan) and if the water is brought to boil in the electric kettle, it generates the least amount of indoor heat as well. Also it is very juicy, even if using the almost-always-too-dry chicken breasts instead, and it adds no additional fat to the dinner. Plus, you get some chicken broth generated, which can become part of breakfast the next day!  Whyever have I not been doing this all along??  Mixing poached protein with steamed or raw veggies, and a little strongly flavored sauce, will surely be an easier, faster, less messy and less caloric way to make a main dish than stir-frying. All the way round it looks like a win, and a tasty one at that!

I found this information fascinating (and relevant to enameling, as enamel is after all, colored glass) Hopefully Obviously I am not the only one that is curious about what makes all the different pretty colors.

Of course, we do not use uranium any more, but some of those elements are pretty rare, and others very common. Our clever ancestors figured this all out by empirical trial and error over the course of centuries. (I also wonder about the colors that we see in historic enamels that don't seem to be available now, and what material or combination of materials was used to get those colors...)

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