Wednesday, June 24, 2015

wishful Wednesday: "make it didn't happen"

in which our plucky heroine wishes for either a "make it didn't happen" or failing that, access to excellent physical therapy and an easy transition to a new sort of life...

So many times in the bright world, when the fast or slow blink of an eye ends up taking me somewhere I'd rather not have gone, do I wish for that magical ability to reboot whatever situation is less than ideal. It doesn't work that way, at least not in this consensual reality. Had I not chosen to go have brunch yesterday, or not chosen to try and use the stepstool, or even chosen to pay attention to where my feet and body were in spacetime, then I'd not be sitting here in pain and sorrow, looking at the shards of my plans and in fear of damage unrepairable. Ah well, as have said so many times before: no way around it but through...

Monday night my friends Jess and Jen came by for a short while. Jen was picking up the two teacher-pinafores I made for her, and was pleased enough to commission three more. This will help, since my everyday work cleaning houses is now forbidden. They brought me a lovely bouquet of unusual flowers as well as a bag of assorted salads and protein treats (yum, salmon patties!) from the takeway deli at New Seasons.

A true blessing was a house call Tuesday morning from my friend and acupuncture practitioner Sharon Rose; her ministrations by way of turning me into a human porcupine have always done me nothing but good, and today was a new and different experience, being treated in my own high bed instead of in the office. My legs are accustomed to responding to the process, and hopefully some of the excess trauma and swelling will continue to release. Her kindness in suggesting a house visit brought tears to my eyes.

Managed to start a very simple bit of embroidery that I can work on while lying in bed with ice on my knee: on a gown yoke for little L, it is a "blue cedar" tree outline for one of the two children of Blue Cedar House...

I've already contacted my primary care clinic and the insurance customer service lines. With gratitude to Obamacare, there is at least a theoretical possibility for some physical therapy, as long as it is requested by my PCD and as long as the diagnosis code is one that is "above the line" in the list of covered services. This is actually significantly better than before Obamacare, when there was NO PT coverage at all, no matter what your diagnosis/injury/surgery might require. While unable to access the higher quality care reserved for those with good insurance, I will at least get some evaluation and intervention, and hopefully some guidance in how to facilitate my healing, if that is possible. I am determined to do whatever I can manage to heal well and to regain my good life and function.

On a somewhat lighter note, my three new pairs of fun compression socks just arrived today...


  1. Ooh, those are the coolest compression socks ever! I'm glad you're able to keep sewing so you don't go completely nuts. All the best, hon'.

  2. Friends in time of need are friends indeed, and you are richly blessed in that area, I think.

    Great socks!

  3. Friends in time of need are friends indeed, and you are richly blessed in that area, I think.

    Great socks!