Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday musings, whinges, and a simple recipe

long strange trip not over yet
destination unknown
balance precarious
determination unbounded

our plucky heroine must needs remember the basics, drink water, eat nourishing food, get enough rest, time spent alone and with others... neglect any of those to your folly, lest a self-perpetuating spiral ensue...

Last week was rough, started off well and went steadily downhill. Now attempting of locate bootstraps for pulling self up with. Surely no one wants a recitation of trouble and woe, though is rather tiring to always present a steadfastly cheerful face to the world. (perhaps that is why I am prone to occasionally bursting into tears during the precious rare times when G visits, guard only let down when someone else has the watch)

My appointment last Monday with Dr Rockstar sent me home clear of restrictions, I am healing well, and can resume all activity as strength and intention will allow. While not yet up to running the weedwhacker, or strenuous shovel work in the yard, if we get another sunshiney day, taking the bicycle out for a short spin might be an option, and returning to day job is now an option necessary. Clearance of restriction also means that it is time for "It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it", and I am scheduled for brachytherapy (internal radiation) at the beginning of May. While there are usually no immediate side effects of this type of treatment, there are probable long term issues that will require effort to manage; my hope is that the intended benefit (decrease likelihood of recurrence by a factor of ten) will be successful, and worth the drawbacks...

There are so many current oddities in my behavior, which can no longer be attributed to the lingering effects of anaesthesia. At times I put off doing needful activities, as if such inaction can stop the clock, and my focus is nowhere near my normal brightly looking ahead, happily planning activities and projects. Our plucky heroine can only hope that now past being spayed, and once past being irradiated, that the turning wheel of the year will also turn focus in more interesting directions...

pick self up by scruff of neck, give a good shake, hit the restart button...

Am feeling stronger, can now ride about on public transit, and will be returning to some semblance of former life, while continuing to seek creative alternatives to being a charlady, and continuing to generate artisanry of the textile and metalwork flavor...

The sewing room here at Acorn Cottage has most recently produced a custom safety vest for G to use at work, which has been such a success, even in the XP1 model, that there were materials acquired for XP2, the summer version with mesh back for ventilation, as well as measurements taken for an additional vest for his work buddy A. Feels downright good to be using skills for helpful tasks and to stretch a bit with the doing. Embroidered patch details will further customise each vest to the wearer, just for their own amusement, without compromising the legal safety requirements...

G at work (pictures taken from his "Longshore" FB album)

Today is Taxes Day, and our plucky heroine is grateful that despite months without income, and despite having a more than 25% drop between 2010 and 2011, there is still enough money in the kitty. The paperwork being all finished will allow reclamation of the dining table for activities more entertaining than arithmetic, and will also allow me to apply to IEP, for supportive alternative treatment to go along with my continued medical journey.

This weekend, while cooking dinner with visiting friends B & K, came up with a simple topping for the broiled marinated lamb steaks... B had picked a small handful of mint from their yard, and showed up saying "mint, for the lamb"... Turned out neither of us actually knew what to do with it, so, off to the reference library that never sleeps for inspiration. The small handful of mint was joined by about one green-onionsworth of walking onion leaves from the yard, and whizzed in the micro-chopper with about two teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of olive oil and several tablespoons of yoghurt. Made a delectable springtime-flavored Greek-inspired sauce for the lamb, which would be also wonderful on things like potatoes, had we cooked any.

Am very much looking forward to test-sewing the Sisters of Edwardia blouse for Stephanie over at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. Will be a learning experience for me, as well as being useful and helpful to her. Have never downloaded a sewing pattern, and has been many years since sewing with invisible zippers was a part of my repertoire - indeed the special foot and sewing machine that it fit have long passed from the workroom. And it still tickles me to no end that through the electronical world, folks of common interest can connect with one another, despite living on opposite sides of the planet, or at least, in this case, on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean!

Once back from the copy store, post office and suchlike, there is a small backlog of springtime photos waiting... tune in tomorrow

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