Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday tidbits

in which there is a house visitation, and our plucky heroine gets to indulge in several of her favorite vices in a span of twenty-four hours...

Yesterday was the solstice, and a rare day indeed that actually felt like summertime. It was sunny and the temperature got up somewhere in the 80's. shocking! The baby chard plants looked rather prostrated, and even the young fig trees were feeling the heat.

Fearless student Amelia came over for Open Studio as usual, though the warmth of Mr Hot (the 1500°F kiln) was rather less welcome than in the wintertime. Towards the end of the evening, through the front window I saw a familiar truck, and trundling along behind, the house I love to visit...
Yes indeed, G had arrived, as promised stopping off at Acorn Cottage on the first leg of his long trip. I found it very amusing that his house had come to visit my house! There was lots of poring over maps and routes, and various exchanges occurred; all in all it was a lovely visit.

Later today, after goodbyes were said and wheels rolled off towards further journeying, I headed out to do more errands. Had need of acquiring more split rings, since all the small ones around the house in various keys had been commandeered to create a suitable and adjustable camera necklace/leash as an impromptu bon-voyage gift. Helpful tool-using monkey creates what is needful with things available around the house - fortunately Acorn Cottage has all sorts of materials and tools to hand...

...but... I had already thought that a trip to Winks would be a good thing. And it was. I adore Winks, it makes my little technical tactical hardware-loving heart go pitter-pat. There were split rings in sizes all the way down to 3/16". Now a proper necklace/leash can be fabricated for my Maratac flashlight, that will allow it to stand on its endcap and be used as a "candle" (if desired, and if I make a diffuser for the working end) Also came home with a good assortment of other sizes, for replacing on all the keys and key-ring-tools, and to allow for some future experimentation.

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  1. Cool! That must have been the day Dan saw you!Hope yer sweetie returns soon!