Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tigress Can Jam : golden treasure drink syrup

Yellow pear.This month's fruit, of the beautiful solanaceae family, is one that I have an ambivalent relationship with. As a child, I hated tomatoes. Even now, I only really like romas and beefsteak tomatoes, and find cherry tomatoes alarmingly unpleasant. However, they are the very easiest to grow, probably since they are closer to the undomesticated form.

But what, you may wonder, does all this have to do with the preserving challenge of August? There are quite a few of last years tomatoes in the freezer. A quart bag of yellow pear cherry tomatoes inspired the creation of a golden savory jelly, using mostly ingredients that were local and homegrown (except the sugar and the lemon) Alas, in the throes of creativity, the scientific testing was neglected, and without confirmation of the pectin gel, despite empirical signs to the contrary, once canned, the jelly did not set, but remained a syrupy liquid, unlike my previous experiments with homemade apple pectin.

As I have no real taste for alcohol, I rather jokingly suggested that a trendy bar might make good use of my failed jelly. (I may not like to drink, but am quite aware of the current trend in foodland for homemade mixers and garnishes) My friends commented suggesting possible recipes, everything from a tomato-mojito to various rum concoctions to a "vodka caprese" with basil and a string cheese swizzle stick. Given the interest, I shall not simply add the beautifully transparent syrup to the future batch of ketchup as a sweet slightly savory addition, but will most probably pass it on to those who can best make use of it...

~ golden treasure drink syrup ~
1 quart yellow pear tomatoes
1 quart apple stock*
2 cloves garlic
1 T chopped basil
1 5" sprig rosemary
4 c sugar
bottled lemon juice

*cook green apples in water
till they are mushy, then let
liquid strain through muslin.
Do not press or squeeze if you want transparent juice
Start with the apple pectin-ish juice,
add the cherry tomatoes, the herbs and garlic.
Simmer 'till the tomatoes are reduced to mush.
Strain the whole thing through muslin,
which has first been boiled to sterlise it,
Do not press or squeeze if you want transparent syrup.
(You should have about 4 cups of liquid)
Add an equal amount of sugar, and 2 T lemon juice.
Boil hard till it thickens.
Fill jars, add 1 T lemon juice to each pint of syrup/jelly to ensure safe acidity,
seal and hot water bath process for 10 minute

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  1. I think the tomato song is funny! -Ceilidh