Thursday, April 1, 2010

down and up

Springtime is in some ways a treat, since it will eventually get warm enough to keep the windows open , and to wear one layer instead of four or five, and not to need to wear a hat inside. But I get so lonesome in the springtime. Today there were no dogs at home at the house of five dogs that I clean; usually Strider, the big old German Shepherd is home, and I get a bit of a "dog fix" from him, he follows me around the house as I clean and keeps me company...

I've started on one of the dresses for SWAP. This one will be a grey chambray shirtwaist-style dress, with pintucks around the bottom of the skirt, and at the front edges of the top, with all the pintucks hand stitched in lighter grey pearl cotton. Pintucks being something I can do while riding the bus. I might turn this one into a faux jumper, by making the sleeves out of white linen, and adding an edge binding or collar to the neckline to simulate a blouse. It is a thought anyway, dreaming about warmer weather to come, when wearing layers is less welcome.


  1. I think from February until May can be a lonely time. We get so hopeful of the coming good weather and then we realize we are still waiting.
    Come visit me and we will keep each other company.

  2. Me again, check this out.I am in love,maybe we could make some?