Wednesday, December 23, 2009

widshful Wednesday - gratitude

Can you tell what this is that I found on the front porch of Acorn Cottage today when I came home from work?Maybe if you look a little closer...Can you all hear me being all excited and happy !?! I have been looking forward to this for a while; it is the pot-rack for the kitchen, all wonderfully hand forged by my dear friends at White Hart Forge. I handed Heidi a sketch on the back of an index card, and this is the result, even more wonderful in real life than it was in my imagination. The decorative finials just make me want to jump up and down, I love how the iron shows the makers handicraft and looks like it is alive. There are five double pot-hooks to go with it.

Once I find a nice solid piece of lumber to mount it on, it is going up on the wall above the stove. I need to find either a six foot piece of 5/4 x 8, or a six foot piece of 2 x 8, that can be anchored to the wall studs; I wouldn't trust any kind of wall anchors to hold.
~ : ♥ : ~
I was going to write something very different for today, but while walking about to and from my cleaning job in Sellwood today, I kept thinking about how very much I am grateful for: Acorn Cottage and all that implies (home, solid roof and walls, running water...), reasonable health, enough work to keep body and soul together, the love of my family of birth (parents, siblings and all) and the affection of my family of choice (the dear friends that bring me so much joy), and the eventual wit to realise that noticing the gifts given is a far happier way to live than crying for the moon.

I spent far too many years crying for what I didn't have. In one of my own dark times, someone, probably my Mom, sent me a card that had a cartoony drawing on the front of rainclouds, and inside said "above the clouds the sun is always shining". I hung that card on the cabin wall in Ida-hell, and it helped me get from there to a better place. So my Wednesday wish is for all and sundry to notice, amidst all the difficulty of this last year that was, whatever bits were bright. Because there always are bright spots, just like the light will return in springtime, and the hens will eventually start laying eggs again.
~ : ♥ : ~
I have always loved having cut flowers indoors, having flowers makes me feel "well-to-do" (they aren't tools, or supplies, and you can't eat them (usually), they are just for pretty) One of my eventual goals is to have enough things planted and growing here that I can go to the yard and cut some pretty snippets most all year around. It will take some time to get to that point, and so I was delighted have this splendid bouquet of roses, which arrived in honor of my speed limit birthday - Thank you, Mom and Dad, for some colorful cheer in the grey heart of winter!

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I heard this song on the radio this morning, and had to track it down. Enjoy, if you like this sort of thing, (obviously, I do)...


  1. Did you notice where it was recorded?

  2. That's a great tune. I've been waiting for awhile for the album from the library. Any day now...

    If On A Winter's Night

  3. Well, you rock. The decorations on the door and in the windows added to our cheery yuleness as we delivered the rack. I hope all is good and groovy up there. I too fret for what I don't have, regrets for what I didn't do twenty years ago. for me creating art can always break me free of it. Or exercise, or being out in nature.
    Freinds always help too!
    Big hugs,
    us down here in our hof.