Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think I can I think I can

Hopefully, once I get a bit ahead on the needed re-construction, guests visiting will again be a possibility. I'd really like to get back to having monthly social gatherings at my house.

I've been gathering used wood from the Re-building Center to use for window trim and baseboards in the workroom. Figuring out how to configure things without replacing the former floor has been a bit daunting. I've decided that I can just tackle one wall at a time, which makes the task of fixing/re-building/improving the space feel more do-able. I'm going to start with the west wall, which is in the best shape (no damaged plumbing, no missing sheetrock, no missing ceiling) All the west wall needs done is
1. adding the woodwork that makes the wall look finished,
2. painting the wall and trim,
3. and adding the storage shelving (west wall is the "storage wall of crafty goodness")
I'm thinking that two weekends worth of time would make this wall a much happier place, and with the storage wall more complete, much crafty supplies and equipment could move back into workroom, which would be a good thing.

I'm going to move the old bathroom sink out into the carport. It can go hang out with the washer and the dryer. I need to get on with removing enough sheetrock from the former sink location, so I can see if any of the hidden plumbing has any "surprises" that need dealt with.... Regardless of what I find hidden in the wall, bathroom sink replacement will be next after the storage wall. If it was just a matter of re-attaching a sink, this would be the work of an evening, but there are the putty encrusted shut-off valves to deal with, and whatever else is involved with the drain plumbing. I really want a wall hung sink in the bathroom, and I have a home for the pedestal sink to go to. I may put in a temporary sink setup, once the plumbing is dealt with.

My one zucchini plant is giving me just about the right amount of green veggie per day. The Delicata squash is threatening to take over the entire squash and bean bed, though it may have to fight it our with the lemon cucumber. My poor little Tasty Jade cucumber plants are rather being covered up by the more vigorous cucurbits, though I did get two long green TastyJade snacks, along with about seven little lemon cucumbers. The tomato plants are not yet ready to harvest, everything is really green still, and I need to put down some more lime-rich fertiliser, as the baby Brandywines show signs of needing it. I'm going to harvest my first eggplants today. I've got about three ready.

I'm feeling sad that going to SCA events just isn't possible at my income level. Not this year anyway, 'specially with Acorn Cottage all demolished and everything, and with all the needed repairs clamoring to be fixed. I knew that being a homeowner would involve tradeoffs, but dang, I miss some of what I've given up. Not missing the politics and weirdness, but the hanging out with my friends times, and the hey there is this cool information about stuff times, and the I'm working on this exciting project, want to see... times

Well, the less time I spend on the computer, and the more time I spend actually working on Acorn Cottage, the less clutter confusion there will be in my life...

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