Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday snippets - day 30 (year 2)

in which our plucky heroine is still struggling...

small exhaustions and allergies and despair. I want to sleep all the time, but when lying down to rest it proves evasive. My spring pollen allergies have suddenly come roaring back and only that I remember how this happens every year keeps me from asking for a covid test. Despair, because the situation with my mom does not improve, indeed this is an ongoing series of gates that only move in one direction.

Yesterday I woke up with my left eyelid all puffed out and slightly sore, though fortunately I have no other concerning symptoms and can open the eye and sight is no different than normal. No idea why, allergies? infection?. The consulting nurse hotline was not much use as far as how to proceed. It is no worse today, though only maybe a little improved. I shall continue with the compresses, and hope that by tomorrow it will be obviously on the mend, else some medical attention is needed.
beauty in the time of isolation:
spring unfolds... the plum thicket is beginning to flower, there are flower buds just barely peeping out on the quince and the apple tree. The star magnolia is mostly done, and the white lawn violets have given way to the more prevalent pink ones in the walkway bed along with accents of grape hyacinth... the one red tulip, and signs of future wood hyacinth as well. The forsythia in the parking strip is beginning to fade, and the ornamental plum flowers on the big front yard trees have fallen, leaving the yard strewn with a lighter pink snow and the light dappled by the new grown dark red leaves

the mini-poncho I made back in 2017 just sat in my closet unworn for the better part of seven years. The yarn was quite nice, but it never fit me quite right... the shoulders too broad, and the collar was too high and mighty to be comfy. Now that is is turned back into balls of yarn, perhaps a cardigan instead, with some colorwork added. Or maybe a variation on that stripey sleeve bolero.

The skirret plant that Eleanor gave me last autumn has survived the winter, and now is showing strong new growth. I am so pleased. Since the leafy bits are getting too tall to be crushed under the flat mesh and weighted bicycle wheel I used for squirrel deterrence all winter, I wrestled with more of the wire mesh to make a tall cylinder to protect the growing plant. I've no idea how large skirret will become this year, must ask E for advice, but this should hold it for a while...


April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 wire planter cage
cover smaller sleeve board
yard waste bin
2 prototype mesh wash bag
cover larger sleeve board
recycle bin
3 5 jars blood orange marmalade
baby plants repotted
bag of fabric
4 3 jars Awesome sauce
skirret cage adapted
bag of fabric
5 4 jars strawberry rhubarb sauce
x bag of fabric
6 x x bag of fabric
7 x x -
8 x x -
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - Although I missed their visit early this morning, Randal and Leah came by, and left me with two artichoke plants, and assortment of flavored vinegar, and a new pottery mug of carved multicolor clay! I was sad I was asleep when they came by, as visitors are rare and precious.

The new mug will be very welcome, as yesterday gravity took its toll when I bumped my favorite vintage mug off the counter while doing the dishes. That mug is shards, but the empty space on the wall will have a new denizen...

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  1. Sorry to hear of these many woes, but I see that your capacity for gratitude continues unabated. Hang in there, soon you really will be able to see your people again, although granted it may be under various restrictions.