Monday, January 29, 2007

A fun and productive few days…

The Olympia folks came down to visit, much to the delight of both Smokey {oh boy, the pack is here! and they're sleeping on the floor!} and myself. Sushi was eaten, old books went to Powells, and arboreal deconstruction and maintenance happened: garden-shading, phone-line-endangering maple tree came down, ornamental plum trees in the front got pruned… (Thank You Bill!), and everyone helped gather the sticks, branches and future trellis and wattle fence materials.

The tea party was fun, and trading also, everyone went home with some new-to-them objects, and there is a big box waiting to go to Goodwill. Some more trading may happen later on in the year, possibly a Spring Cleaning trading circle, and definitely a Harvest-time one, as foodstuff was a very popular category (mmmm tasty plum sauce…) I hope to have another party in February, but need to check the various calendars to find the least conflicted date.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

just what I need, a new activity...

I've succumbed to "peer pressure" from a couple of my online friends... Since I still don't have internet access at home I'm limited to an hour a day at the library for ALL my on-line uses, which means not daily postings, but I will try to keep current. I've actually been wanting to do this for quite some time

The rest of today will be a lot of house-tidying, as well as starting on some sewing commissions, and oh yeah, I did sign up for a beginning website class that is happening this afternoon, so I'd best be on my way...

Oh, and if anyone is reading this and didn't get an " official" invite, I am having another open house/teaparty/potluck tomorrow (Sunday afternoon), please come. We will hopefully be having a trading circle (like the Viking trade blanket at events), so bring some good and useful things to swap.

So, hi from Fjorlief