Monday, April 30, 2007


Early Saturday evening, I was on my way out for a RARE evening out with friends to hear some live music. When I stopped to get fill up the car at the local Arco station, It refused to start again. No clicking, no nothing... fortunately the attendants were kind about the dead car blocking the gas pump, and helped push it to a safer place while I called Triple-A and waited for a tow. Nimblefoot (my faithful car) at least is good about choosing where to die. Not rainy, not nightime, not dangerous, and a little girl to take my mind of the trouble by asking me about what kind of pets I have, and then doing her 6 year old best to do vocal imitations of each one. I think she was the daughter of the man pumping the gas, I've seeen her there before. Anyhow, I missed the free old time music show at the White Eagle, and now have to arrange for the car to be towed to the mechanic. April is not the best month for car repair... the bank account is a little flabby Hopefully whatever is wrong won't be too complicated or expensive...

Friday, April 6, 2007

pictures from the engraving/enameling workshop

Here are the promised pictures from the workshop last weekend:

Bill starting things off, talking about engraving

which led to students trying out the techinques

here is an example of student engraving practice

there aren't any pictures of me lecturing, 'cos i had the camera...
but I talked some about cloisonne, and got folks started on design and wire bending...

the next day was devoted to enameling,
here is one piece just with the first few layers done

and here is another student placing more enamel in the cloisons

Everyones pieces got most of the way complete.
So here are some pictures of the student work from the workshop...

and here are closer pictures of another two pieces

this last piece is resting on a coin-mount, which gives a bit of idea of the scale of the pieces, they are all the size of a US quarter. Coin mounts are a simple way for folks who are not metalsmiths to easily transform a disc of enamel into a wearable piece of jewelry... Anyhow, I'm off to work now, spent enough time at the library, and at home with Photoshop getting these pictures ready

Thursday, April 5, 2007


A few nights ago, as I was walking the big dog one last time before bedtime, I heard a tree frog calling. This created a sudden wave of nostalgia for Fjordsend...early mid spring there is the season that I always thought of as Frogsong . For those who haven't been there the land is just a bit above sea level, and the water table is really high, so many swampy areas and a healthy population of amphibians, nights are really loud once it is warm enough that they wake up. And while I am enjoying living here in Portland, especially my many friends here, I miss the beauty of the Delphi Valley, and it will take time for me to learn the seasons here...and somehow the growl of the Portland Raceway just doesn't do the same thing for me as frogsong....